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My ever dearest best people of Ezza nation, I brings to you all eternal greetings, words of consolation, sympathy and encouragement over the recent concluded deliberate and coordinated plan to turn our elderly, disabled and young people to street beggars by destroying our homes, houses, farmlands, economic trees and eventually the forceful displacement from our Yahweh given ancestral homes still no any recognizable compensation or idea of resettlement from the government till now.

Our forceful displacement from our ancestral homes because of a mere ghost airport project that can never materialise, without any form of compensation and resettlement is a demonic one and condemnable.

What is happening to us today has exposed to us who actually loves us, Umahi’s deep pretentious love on us has been in recent time exposed to be our worst and greatest enemy since ever we began as a nation, nothing is different from Umahi and Elechi.
He has ferociously implemented their evil antics against us which they had planned earlier on before now.

I encourage you all to always hold unto Yahweh Almighty the maker of heaven and earth as no one on earth will love us like our father in heaven.

We should also be happy that this tribulations and groaning were only brought by people with human flesh and you know as the scripture says that any thing that was not established by Yahweh is liable to vanish anytime any moment.

Do not allow the countless plagues and pangs emanated from this unfortunate event to weigh you down, be strong and courageous and confident that Ezza Ezekuna is never alone.

Sorrow may last for a night but joy commeth in the morning.
I encourage you all to keep being proud of your nation and your self, do not allow the various evil actions that had so far been unleashed on us to quench the stuff we are made of, since the one rejected by others can never reject himself.

The recent show of barbaric primitivity of the government against us will never endure forever, it’s just for a awhile. Permit me to inform you that what we are undergoing today in Ebonyi state is the holocaust that the people of Israel suffered in Germany.

We’ll soon come out stronger, if we can survive the state sponsored extermination perpetrated against us during Elechi period as a governor I don’t think there’s nothing we can not overcome as the strongest tribe in black Africa.
Let’s keep the fire of love, peace and unity burning as our forefathers maintained in any where we are.

Our enemies have given us unforgettable painful memories that will never be swept under the carpet forever.
Accept my sincerest unparalleled sympathy over this unwarranted hatred and enmity on us by our haters, may this type of inhuman and ugly carnage never repeat itself on us forever HalleluYah!

I therefore, urge everyone reading this to as a matter of urgency and importance eschew from hatred in any where you may find yourself and put into your thought the love that our creator has on us that made Him to send His only begotten son to come and die only for our sins. My dear valued brethren let the death of our Messiah never be in vain in our dear lives HalleluYah!

Displacing thousands of people from their naturally gifted ancestral homes without any atom of compensation is highly demonic and condemnable. This people displaced here, tell me where they are going. Turning Ezza people to beggars and refugee in an unknown areas, chai OMG!

May the YAHWEH our Father Almighty be with you all forever and may He bless the righteous thinkers HalleluYah.

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