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🌟I must give credit where it’s due. The title of this essay was borrowed from my friend and brother Author Osinakachi Akuma Kalu. His languaging is needed to bring to the fore the truth of the article.

We lived in and through a crisis that upturned our world

A catastrophe that had a far-reaching effect on the whole network of the globe

❌With economies badly weakened

❌Political debates on palliatives dividing parties

❌Decades of incompetence, greed, and irresponsibility exposed

❌Lives lost, jobs shed, businesses shuttered, schools sealed

At this moment, we make a creed

✅A creed that reveals the capacity of the human person—the faithfulness to the virtue of our vision and the capability of our skills

👉We believe that it is not in the realm of evangelical giants to misinform the people about Covid-19 vaccines neither is it in the province of religion to give a false prophecy about impending scientific calamity

👉We believe that delinquently denigrating 5G is not in a religious province either

👉We believe that the title—Antichrist does not belong to Bill Gates, neither does it belong to Pope Francis or Joe Biden—but it belongs adequately to those whose lives do not mirror the life of Christ—who admonished us to “do unto others as we would like them to do unto us”

👉We believe we shall no longer be fooled by highways and skyscrapers in Washington, Beijing, Dubai, Abuja when millions are living in hunger in Dakar, Kano, and Afghanistan.

👉For us and our salvation, we hold that it is wrong to confine religion and schools to buildings, to make pastors and imams the center of religion, to neglect humanity at the expense of it.

👉Through religion, our world can be reconstructed but that’s when religion leave teaching how to go to heaven and start explaining how the heavens go” it must be discarded

👉We believe that learning is a necessity. Everyone has an obligation to learn and everything is subject to be learned.

👉We believe that the end of learning is improvement, innovation, invention all for the common good of humanity, and learning that contradicts this aim should be immediately jettisoned

👉We believe this is a time for a “peace race” among the superpowers, middle powers, and smaller powers of the world. The remainder of human history should be devoted to this battle for peace. All wars should be effectively ended and all nuclear armament immediately destroyed.

👉We believe it is time to trigger a health revolution—re-imagine our hospitals, experiment with new vaccines, invent better antibiotics and make them affordable and available even to the poorest of humanity

👉We believe that cleanliness is the new norm, eating healthy is the new doctrine, and environmentally friendly activities is a dogma

👉We believe we must reconstruct our public waterworks,

👉We believe we will no longer rely on random sparks of genius to solve our problems, but must build a system progressively skewed towards improving our world—every single day

👉We will never forgive not forget Coronavirus or any other virus. We must give it adequate punishment for its sins by inventing and distributing more vaccines, producing healthy drugs, experimenting with them, and eliminating the virus

👉We believe we must defeat future disease before it comes to being by investing in sanitation, investing in education, producing inquisitive minds, destroying the flaws in our thinking, and remaking our world

👉We believe it is time to have a healthy respect for the acquisition, verification, and organized dissemination of truthful information.

👉We believe we must discard the evils of fossil fuels, diversify our economy and embrace green energy

👉We believe in dethroning bad leaders through a thorough democratic process that respects the will of the people and hold leaders accountable for their actions.

👉We come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics.

👉We proclaim it’s time to set aside childish rulers whose notion of leadership is selfishness

👉We believe that all men are equal, all men are free, and all men deserve a chance to pursue to full, the realization of their potentials.

✅There’s no time for delay, we have lost enough already

❇️Today is the day we begin

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