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Orlu Attack: Hope Uzodinma Trying To Kill His People By Inviting Military To Imo – Ezeife, Ex-Anambra Governor | Agency

A Third Republic Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has condemned the air and ground attacks by military forces in Orlu, Imo State.

Reacting to the raid, Ezeife said, “Many of us from the South-East are tired of speaking about the issues in this part of the country. It is as if the federal government does not want the South-East to belong to Nigeria.

“The federal government seems to be the greatest actor thinking about the disintegration of Nigeria. How do you understand air bombardments and ground attacks on the civilian people that have done nothing illegal? It is not news that all manner of military personnel and security agents have been used against the South-East. We have been denied projects and appointments going around the country. There are politics and policies of ‘Pull Igbo Down’ from the federal government.”

He also said “it is so obvious if you go and conduct a referendum in the South-East on whether to stay or not to stay in Nigeria, you will find those who say not to stay are on the increase. And some of us talking about one Nigeria are increasingly looking like fools because the federal government is not relenting in adopting an isolationist policy against the Igbo”.

The elder statesman berated the Imo governor for inviting the military to the region.

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