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NIGER REPUBLIC, A NON-OIL PRODUCING COUNTRY Will Begin To Export Oil To Nigeria. How Is It Possible And What Really Happened? By Gadmin

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Then Get It: Nigeria Government, Instead Of Reviving Our Refineries, Laid Oil Pipelines From Nigeria (Rivers, Bayelsa And Other Parts Of Niger Delta) To Niger Republic.
The Niger Republic Now Built A Refinery That Refines The Oil Pushed To Them From Nigeria, And Then Sell The Refined Products Back To Nigeria.

Oil Was Discovered In Nigeria By Shell-BP In 1956 At Oloibiri In The Niger Delta, After Half A Century Of Exploration.
It Is Also Good To Note That Nigeria Joined The Ranks Of Oil Producers In 1958 When Its First Oil Field Came On Stream Producing 5,100 bpd.

Today, It Is A Shame That In 2020, Nigeria Will Now Be Importing And Buying Fuel From Niger Republic That Has No Oil, Because Of The Greed Of Our Supposed Leaders Who Have Sworn To Perpetually Hold The Country And Her Inhabitants Captive.

How Are The Mighty Fallen?

Unfortunately, Governor Kill-Igbo Nyesom Wike And His Fellow Niger Deltans Are Not In Any Way Worried That The Oil In Their Territory Is Being Suck With Pipelines Down To Niger Republic By Northern Cabals, As Their Land Is Left Devastated And Waters Polluted.
They Would Rather Attack The Igbos For Demanding For The Rights Of The Southeast And The South South.

One Good Observer Said:
“It Is Unfortunate That What Worries These People (Niger Deltans) Is To Safeguard A Meaningless Name Their Slave Masters Gave To Them.

“They Shout, We Are Niger Delta, While They Are Being Raped Mercilessly. Tell Me Why There Should Be Refinery In The North And Even Faraway Niger Republic, Neglecting Those That Own The Oil.

“They Rape You And Set You Against Your (Igbo) Brothers. If We Open Our Mouth, You’ll Claim Someone Is After Your Oil. Which oil, I Am Forced To Ask. Is It The Same Oil In My Own Backyard? Don’t You Know That There Is Oil Everywhere In The Places They Erroneously Called South East? And Don’t You Know That Lots Of Places They Called South South Are Inhabited By Ndị Igbo And Those Places Also Have Oil?

“I Know You Don’t Know, Because They Have For 50 Years Denied You History And Used Their Lying Media To Confuse Your Brains. Now, Instead Of Standing Against Those That Have Impoverished You And Polluted Your Lands, You Are There Hating Those That Are demanding Justice For Everyone. You Claim You Are Being Begged. You Are Simply Ignorant And Unthinking.

“Keep Being Fooled By The Foolani North With One Nigeria. You Think They Believe In One Nigeria. These People Know Too Well That Nigeria Will Soon End And They Are Seriously Preparing For That Day. They Are Looting And Seriously Building The North. They Are Preparing For That day, While Your Own Leaders Are Busy Killing Themselves Over Who Will Become A Deputy To A Northerner”.

Tomorrow, You’ll Say Igbos Are Your Problems, And You’ll Start Looking For Their Heads To Behead.
Your Wonderful Fulani Brothers Are Now Telling You And Other Nigerians To Begin Buying The Oil Sucked At Your Backyard Through Pipelines From A Neighbouring Fulani Country, Niger Republic.

Good Morning This Afternoon, Niger Deltans From Giftalnews Crew
Good Morning Fellow Nigerians!

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