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Let Igbos Go If You Can’t Trust Them To Be President Or IGP In Nigeria — Dele Momodu [Video].

Chief Dele Momodu who is an author, a writer, a teacher, a speaker, an actor and a former presidential candidate has heated up the polity once more.

This time around to the favour of people of South East popularly known as Igbos. In a recent short-video he shared on his Twitter timeline, he condemned the discriminatory speeches and actions against people of Igbo extractions.

The politician challenged Nigerians with sentiments against people of South East to drop such as it is against the unity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He said Nigeria is a secular state which is clearly enshrined in the constitution of our country.

He said that he would never accept or be on the same page with anyone who says an Igbo man can never be President of Nigeria. He added that whoever said an Igbo man can’t be President and that if he accepted this, it showed that he is brainless.

He revealed that if he was made the President of Nigeria today, he would have turned the region into the country’s economic hub. He praised Igbos’ brilliance and endowment, which he likened to that of Chinese, Korea and India.

He asked why is Nigeria not making use of Igbo’s talents to move the country forward. He faulted Nigerians who always argue that they have forgiven them after the civil war, but they can’t trust them to be President, Inspector General of Police or anything. Why? He asked rhetorically.

Making reference to the United States where the newly inaugurated President Joe Biden had appointed not only Nigerians but also several black people to work with him even before his inauguration, he asked Nigerians to shun sentiments in all ramifications. He added that if Biden had been sentimental, he wouldn’t have appointed Nigerians into his goverment despite the fact that we are known to be corrupt worldwide.


If you don’t want them and you can’t trust them, why are you stopping them from going; If slaves got freedom. The Igbos are contributing to the world’s economy, he said.

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