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ESN: There are Many Innocent Fulanis; Justice Should Be Observed – Francis Sharon | Giftalnews

“There is a way to do things; my stand is for ESN to observe high standard discipline to display to international community they are not terrorists or tauts.

“Almost every Igbo community has Ama Hausa, it also serve as herdsmen settlement. I could remember as a child the herdsmen used reach out to our community people when Alhaji wife give birth to a child, they will kill cows share the meet among the host community. We enjoy their Nunu (cow milk). There never be any time we had issues with these Fulanis. Most of them speaks Igbo fluently. Gives us cows cheap when we need them. I mean There was harmonious relationship.

“Maturity to be in place: two wrong never make right. If I were to suggest, host communities should know Fulanis living with them, they negotiate with the host communities to lease them fields where they will settle because they can’t live in the city because of the nature of their business. The modus of grazing should be discuss with host communities not government. Registration should done, when new herdsmen come to join their brothers, Seriki should notify the igwe/Eze/Obi of the host communities who should also carry the youths along. All these things are necessary because of killers herdmen who maybe foreigners, so that they can be dictated.

“Security should be in place, like community policing who will make sure there will not be jungle justice.

“There are Criminal everywhere in the world, Alhaji can give to a criminal, if such person is caught that doesn’t mean all fulanis are criminals, except in multiple occasions investigation reveals that coordinated crime have been going on. And I don’t think entire community can shield a criminal.

“And Fulani leaders should help matter by their comments, inflammatory statements accredited to them is worsening the situation.

“Igbos loves strangers, Igbos are welcoming, Igbos are hospitable. All they want is live, let me live. Peace!”

Francis Sharon is a social commentator

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