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In 1896, Edison , the good inventor who invented the electrical bulb, was performing on a thought to style a car when he heard that a young man who worked in his company had created an experimental car. Edison met the young man at his company’s party in ny and interviewed him about the car. He was impressed! He had an equivalent idea because the young man but he was considering electricity because the power source while the young man used internal-combustion engine to power the car. He stamped his fist down and shouted “young man, that’s the thing! You have it! .. I think you are on to something! I admonish you to keep on with your pursuits” Ford having heard those words from the foremost respected inventor, continued his work, invented a car and became wealthy.

On the 9th Og 12th month in the year 1914, Thomas Edison’s laboratory and factory got burnt. He was 67years old and therefore the damage was too extensive for insurance cover. Before the ashes were cold, Ford handed Edison a cheque of $750,000 with a note saying that Edison can have more if he needed it!

In 1916, Ford changed the location of his home to the building next to Edison’s home and when Edison couldn’t walk and was confined to a wheelchair by his doctors, Ford also bought a wheelchair in his house in order that he could run wheelchair race together with his friend and mentor! Thomas Edison made Ford believe himself and got a lover for life!

LESSON: Don’t ever be envious and jealous of other people’s success. If you cannot win a race, help the person ahead of you to interrupt the record! Your candle won’t lose its light when it lights up another candle! We are light for others to ascertain , as long as we all know . Be courageous , meet with someone today, speak positive to their lives, save a soul today!

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