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Aihiokhai Simon, a renowned and seasoned theologian was yesterday tenured and promoted to associate professor of theology By Augustine C.

The university of Portland has found one of their lecturer, Dr. Aihiokhai Simon worthy of being an associate professor, below is his statement in an excitement.

Rejoice with me my dear friends. I just received the awesome news of being tenured and promoted to associate professor of theology at my university, the University of Portland. I said I was not going to cry. but I find myself crying here like a baby.
It was the collective work of everyone at my institution. When i almost gave up in my career, the University of Portland gave me new life. It gave me a job and supported me all the way to ensure i succeed. For this, I am eternally grateful.
Grateful to all my friends and colleagues at the university. Grateful to all of my students who help me to be a better teacher and scholar. Grateful to my department for all its support. grateful to my dean, my provost, and my president for all their support and love.
Again, rejoice with me. Enjoy!

Dr. Aihiokhai has been a wonderful academician in the field of learning with regard to Catholic Doctrinal teaching (Theology), May pray that God will continue to bless him as grow from height to height.
congratulations Prof.

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