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14 Awesome Benefits of Being Single By Augustine C.

After a breakup, you may have a hard time adjusting to singlehood, especially if you have been in a relationship for many years. You probably worry about being lonely or growing old alone. You may even feel jealous whenever a sweet couple passes by you.

However, there are also good things about being single. Actually, there are people who enjoy the freedom of singlehood much that they delay committing to a serious relationship or getting married. Do you want to know why?

Find out the benefits or advantages of being single below:

1. You have more time to discover who you are and improve yourself.
Being single gives you the freedom to explore life more. You can move from one place to another, change careers, meet new people, and try new hobbies. You will not have the same degree of liberty if you are bound in a relationship because your partner would not be in favor of your decisions all the time. Use this time to discover yourself and your potentials.

2. Traveling anytime and anywhere is possible.
If you love spontaneous traveling and adventures, then you need to savor the time while you are single. You can travel anywhere and anytime you like, even alone, and not get into a fight once you get back home.

3. You get more chances of meeting better potential partners.
Although no partner is perfect, at least you have more chances to meet the best person for you. How many relationships have been torn apart by cheating just because the other half of the couple met someone else and realized s/he should have waited a bit longer before committing to a relationship?

4. There is no one to monitor you 24/7.
One of the nuisances of being in a relationship is having a round-the-clock bodyguard—sometimes personal, sometimes virtual. If you are single, there is no one to report your whereabouts to. You do not have to update anyone about the happenings in your life.

5. No one will demand time from you.
Another perk of singlehood is your freedom to use your time the way you want it. There is no one to fight with you during busy days at work or school just because you cannot give time to your dates or late night calls.

6. You can do whatever you want.
Being single gives you the freedom to do whatever you want (unless you still live under the roof of your parents’ home). You are not accountable to any partner, and no one has the right to tell you what s/he likes you to do or not. You can color your hair purple, get inked, or spend your money on foods—and no one would get mad at you.

7. Decision-making is made less complicated.
If you are in a relationship, then you cannot afford to make impulsive decisions anymore. Whether you like it or not, your partner has a say on every major decision you have to make, like working abroad, moving to a different place, or changing career line. Whereas, singlehood gives you the sole authority to decide for yourself (again, unless you live with your parents).

8. You can go home anytime you like.
Without a boyfriend or girlfriend to nag you about being home by 10 or 11, you can enjoy your night outs more. You can sleep over in your friend’s house without someone asking for proof that you are really with a friend—just a friend.

9. You are free to spend time with your friends, especially from the opposite sex. 
Being in a relationship limits your bonding time with friends, especially those from the opposite sex. On the other hand, being single allows you to guiltlessly spend time with them since you are not afraid of someone getting jealous.

10. Saving up is easier.
Without dates, you can save up much more for yourself. Everyone would surely agree that being single can help you stick to your budget better. Also, you have no partner to buy gifts for, especially on Valentines’, Christmas, or his/her birthday.

11. You get to spend more time with your family.
Another reason to love being single is you get to devote more attention to your family. Remember, family is forever and they are the ones who will always love you. Use this time to serve your parents and bond with your siblings. Someday, when you have your own family, doing these things will be hard already.

12. You can practice complete independence.
If you want to prove to yourself that you are self-reliant, then stay single for a longer time. You will be trained to decide on your own, go home alone, and cook for yourself. Also, you become stronger since you do not have to count on anyone to comfort you whenever there is a problem.

13. There are no stressful LQs to keep you awake until the wee hours.
It is normal for relationships to have fights—yes—but who likes them? LQs and over the phone arguments will give you headaches and heartaches—even puffed eyes. So, if you want to avoid the stress of constant fights, then stay happily single.

14. You realize that you do not need a partner to complete you.
As you get to love yourself more and try many things by yourself, you soon realize that it is possible to be happy even if you are single. The truth is, you do not need anyone else to complete you. You are already complete on your own, and you just need to find your purpose and live your calling to feel fulfilled.

Single but In-love

You do not have to be in a relationship to be loved. Even if you are single, you are still surrounded by people who love you—your family and friends. Moreover, there are so many beautiful things in life that you can be in love with. All you need to do is explore.

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